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The Problem with “Objective” News

The Problem with “Objective” News

Frank Sveva, Editor-In-Chief September 15, 2021

When historians look back on the late 2010s, it’s very possible that they could dub it the “misinformation age.” It seems impossible to escape the screaming matches between network TV personalities...

Millennial Women Consider Not Having Children in Protest to the Environment

Millennial Women Consider Not Having Children in Protest to the Environment

Emani Davis, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2019

When you imagine your child growing up does it include unbreathable air, extreme temperatures, and scarce resources? Some have and are deciding to do something about it. More and more women across the...

Instagram, In My Head

Instagram, In My Head

Brooke Simmons, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2019

Have you ever talked to a friend about something and then when you go to check Instagram there is suddenly an advertisement (ad) for that same product you were talking about? You may have fallen victim...

NYE Ball Drops for Freedom of the Press

Alexis Santoro, Editor-In-Chief January 9, 2019

This New Years’ Eve, 11 journalists were invited to take the stage in Times Square to press the crystal button and initiate the descent of the NYE ball. The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment...

NYE Cleanup in New York City

NYE Cleanup in New York City

Brooke Simmons , Writer January 9, 2019

     New Year’s Eve in New York City is one of the best parties of the year according to some, but the New York Sanitation Department has different opinions. Entering the new year,...

K-Pop Stars… More like K-Pop Slaves: The Dark Side of K-Pop

K-Pop Stars… More like K-Pop Slaves: The Dark Side of K-Pop

Isaac Holt , Writer October 3, 2018

The rise of Korean-pop has taken over the world, but there is a dark side to this global industry. These groups have huge followings all around the world and it may seem like sunshine and rainbows,...

Photo from Rich Prehart Sr.
Taken on Sept. 26

It’s “Their Time”

David Bayha , Writer October 2, 2018

The Saint John Vianney Girls’ Soccer team defeated the Matawan Huskies 2-0 at home on Sept. 26. Both goals were netted by senior Jada Trotta, in the 3rd minute and 69th minute respectively. Trotta was...

Generational Differences in the 9/11 Museum Experience

Generational Differences in the 9/11 Museum Experience

Walking through the “In Memoriam” exhibit in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, the faces of the nearly 3,000 victims of the terrorist attack line the walls. Young adults, not old enough...

Reese Witherspoon holds the award for Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for

Why Hollywood is Wearing Black

Kristen Hunt, Writer January 16, 2018

If you were one of the 20 million people who watched the 75th Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 8, you were most likely moved by the message spread amongst the female and even male celebrities who made an appearance....

Net neutrality concept as an internet regulation idea with text and binary cade as an online technology metaphor for web freedom as a 3D illustration.

The Fight for Net Neutrality

Alyssa Hickman, Writer January 16, 2018

An ongoing issue that has recently come to light is the issue of Net Neutrality. It is the principle that prohibits internet service providers like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T from speeding up, slowing...

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