Were You Born to Run?


Sal Agosta, Editor

Whether you’re a Springsteen superfan or not, do you think you were born to run? I didn’t think I was at first, but running has been one of the most important parts of my life for almost three years now. I’ve told friends and family how life-changing and worth of a try it is, but the most common response I received is “I hate running!” If you hate this form of cardio or are debating whether or not to take up running, here are six reasons why running could be right for you! 


  1.  Improved Lifestyle 

I’ll admit it – before I started running, I never exercised a healthy lifestyle. I used to wake up between 10 a.m. and noon during the weekends. Empty calories were my best friend and I barely got any physical activity. I often felt unmotivated to complete homework or household tasks, and was lazy in general. When I started running, I began planning my days around my runs. Depending on the weather, I would wake up earlier to avoid harsh conditions on my run, I started eating nutritious food so I could avoid running cramps, and I became a more ambitious person. I even started developing a routine to satisfy my newfound passion. 

Tip: Schedule your run at the same time each day so it becomes a routine. Set an alarm to remind you at the beginning, and soon it will become second nature.


      2.  Consistency

Becoming an avid runner will teach you the value of consistency. In anything you do, practice may improve your skills, but in running it is guaranteed. Each day you run, your body adapts to the pitter-patter on the track or pavement. For me, running at first wasn’t enjoyable at all, but when I valued consistency, I improved, and running became more pleasant.

Tip: To start out, try running a few minutes every other day. Do this for a few weeks and you will notice an incredible difference in how you feel. Without even realizing it, you’ll begin running faster and longer. 


      3.  Running Buddies

Picture this: it’s a comfortably cool autumn afternoon and you and your friend are running together with conversation distracting you from your achy legs. When running with a friend or group of friends, you never want to stop. With someone at your side, you feel comfortable and motivated to finish the run. Besides, when you are stuck running with someone for long periods of time, there is never a dull moment! When I 

run with people, I talk about everything in my life (and they share too.) Conversation flows so easily when you are running for miles with old or new friends. Not only that, but your running companion will always be there to support and encourage you. If you don’t know someone who runs, surf the internet for local beginner running programs. You will make awesome friends and gain insightful running advice from the instructors.


Tip: When you run with a buddy and you hold a conversation comfortably, this is a sign you’re running at an easy pace. In this way, running with a partner helps your pacing, assuring you aren’t pushing too hard


      4.  Connection to Nature 

Whether you run a few times a week or for weeks on end, you will grow accustomed to exercising in the great outdoors. In my experience as a runner, I’ve discovered the sheer beauty that nature has to offer. The connection you will feel with nature will be unbreakable, and you will have running to thank for that. 

Tip:  Embark on sunrise and sunset runs, run along the water on the beach or boardwalk, or find new trails and map out routes around your area. By expanding your running experiences, you will see breathtaking skies, majestic wildlife (depending on where you are), and unforgettable landscapes.


       5.  Runner’s High

This phenomenon can be described with four words: out of this world. If you feel good one day and push yourself just the right amount on your run, you will never want to stop. Every breath will feel sweet and light, your pain will be numbed, and you’ll feel an extreme sense of joy. As you propel yourself forward with each stride, you will conquer mile after mile of your run effortlessly. 

Tip: To induce runner’s high start your run out easy and gradually increase the speed. If you feel good, odds are it will happen, but if it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. There’s always the possibility of it happening next run!


        6.  Sense of Accomplishment and Mood Improvement 

There were countless times I’ve not wanted to run, but did it anyway and was proud of myself. One of the many things you will learn as a runner is you will never regret a workout. Each time you run, you will feel accomplished no matter how good or bad you do. You went outside, broke a sweat, made your blood pump. Even on days when I’m disappointed in my performance, I still feel my mood is uplifted. After I run, I feel unstoppable, and you will too!


No matter your attitude towards running, I hope my top reasons and tips for beginning motivated you to hit the pavement! Just remember: start out easy, push through the pain, and tell yourself you can do it – because you can.