Meet Your Class of 2018 Senior Officers!


William DeMuria, Editor-in-Chief/Pop Culture Editor

The time has come to once again elect new student council officers at Saint John Vianney High School who will be responsible for organizing many special events throughout the school year. This year, the incoming seniors, the Class of 2018, have chosen Ashleigh Morrisey, Michael Mugno, Antonia Pacillo, and Ronnie Nuzzolo! Now is the time to meet your newly elected President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer!

Meet Your PRESIDENT- Ashleigh Morrissey!

Having been the student council president for the Class of 2018 during their Freshman and Sophomore year, Ashleigh is a perfect choice as this upcoming year’s president! “I am very excited to be the President for the Class of 2018! With my amazing team by my side, we cannot wait to begin our senior year. It will be one that nobody ever forgets!” says Ashleigh. With a clear approach to this upcoming school year, Ashleigh is positive that there will be fun events for all and is open to hearing from all of her peers.

Meet Your VICE-PRESIDENT- Michael Mugno!

With a firm mindset on involving the entire Senior class, it is evident that Mugno will be an exception Vice-President for the Class of 2018. “I believe we have a good group that can work together and get things done. I am very excited for the opportunity to hear what the Class of 2018 would want to make our senior year great as possible. Again, this is a great chance to make change and make our final year at Saint John Vianney great,” Mugno positively said. Through his outstanding efforts, it is clear, as he said, that senior year will certainly be great!

Meet Your SECRETARY- Antonia Pacillo!

Being a member of SJV’s Championship winning Softball team, Antonia is more than familiar with what it takes to work as a team. Pacillo has been looking forward to her role as Secretary, saying, “Being the Secretary for the Senior class is very exciting. With the help of my team, we are here to listen to everyone’s thoughts, and we are going to make this Senior year the best yet!” With Pacillo’s hard work and dedication, it is clear that everyone’s ideas will be heard, making Senior year fun for all!

Meet Your TREASURER- Ronnie Nuzzolo!

In addition to being the president of SJV’s Junior States of America chapter and the Co-President of the Political Science club, Ronnie is excited to expand his leadership in the SJV community as a member of student council. “I am dignified to serve as the Treasurer for the Senior Class. I believe that with my team’s strong ideas and platform, we can accomplish anything,” says Nuzzolo. Additionally, Ronnie also runs Track during both the Winter and Spring Seasons, and Cross Country in the Fall.

With all of the exciting plans that the new Class of 2018 officers have in store, it is clear that Senior year will be anything but forgettable. Here is to one last year at SJV that will surely be great!