Surviving the Bitter Cold


Alyssa Bowne, Writer

Buzz!  Buzz! That’s the sound of your alarm going off in the morning. While watching the news, you see in the corner of your screen that it is 40 degrees outside. Seeing this, you would rather just wrap yourself in a blanket, drink hot chocolate, and fall back asleep. However, you have to get up, brace the cold, and get ready for school.

The worst part about going to a Catholic high school and dealing with the cold is the uniforms. The students cannot just throw on sweatpants; they must wear a skirt or pants, and a polo. No matter what one wears, nothing can keep them warm. However, there are solutions! For example, try to layer your clothes. Also, you can wear multiple pairs of socks or put pants under your khakis. Do whatever it takes to beat the chill.

Before you leave your house in the morning, make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee. Not only will the drink warm your body, but it will also keep your hands from turning blue. As for lunch, pack hot soup so you will be warmed in the afternoon.

If you are a student driver, you will have to run out of your house five minutes before you actually leave because you don’t want to be driving with a frosted windshield in the morning! Also, if you leave too late, there is no choice than to bear the cold even longer when you have to tread your backpack from the farthest spot of the parking lot to the school entrance.

While shivering throughout your morning classes, lunch does not get any better. Try to get to the cafeteria as quickly as you can because there might not be any room for you to sit. If you do not get there in enough time, you will have to sit outside in the hallway. It is a great  place to sit, as long as it is not near the main entrance, because you will get hit with the freezing wind from the doors opening and closing.

Use these tips to stay warm, because winter is just around the corner!