Spirit Week

Paige McCloskey, Writer

Spirit week, one of the most anticipated weeks around school, it will take place the week of October 12 on through October 16. Spirit Week is a special week of school where the students show off their school Spirit. The entire week has theme days where the students can dress up to match the different themes of each day.

Every year we have different themes for the floats to be based on. It is a tradition, here at SJV, that each grade builds their floats to compete against each other for who has the best one. Another tradition is the Homecoming dance where students dress up in formal attire and attend a dance in the school’s Student Dining Room.

This year’s theme for Spirit Week is Disney, Pixar. The freshmen’s theme is Toy Story, the sophomores is Monster’s Inc., the juniors is Finding Nemo, and the seniors have Up. Students take their floats very seriously and have already started to build them.

Students can look forward to seeing creative drawings and pop ups at the annual homecoming football game as they see the Homecoming King, Queens, Prince, and Princes walk with their floats!

This year Spirit Week is a little different. Instead of having an entire week of theme days this year, the school is only having three theme days because of Columbus Day and PSAT’s. The themes for the days are twin day, school colors day, and the third has yet to be decided. Students are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the third theme day.

Junior, Chloe Gillespie shares, “I love Spirit Week! The days are so creative and I look forward to it each year.”

“I have only had one Spirit Week so far but it was great! Can’t wait for this year.” said sophomore, Maddie Doring.

The class officers from each grade seem very excited to get started on their floats. Junior Class Officer, Lauren Sabol shares, “I think it will be different than usual this year because of their only being three theme days, but it will still be a fun week for everyone!”

“I’m very excited for Spirit Week, it is great seeing the whole school come together for a fun week. This week really sets the tone for our school spirit.” said Sabol.

Students are encouraged to sign up to help the class officers to build the float and to vote for Homecoming Kings, Queens, Prince, and Princes. Come out to the Homecoming Football Game on October 16th to support your Lancers as they take on the Raritan Rockets!