First Ebola Case in New York City

Sara Fitzgerald, Writer

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Craig Spencer, the most recent patient of the deadly Ebola virus, came back from Guinea on Oct. 17. At the time he showed no symptoms of the virus. In the clear, until Thursday morning doctors say where doctors at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital shared that he had some symptoms of the Ebola virus.

At first, he did not seem to have symptoms but he developed them later on. He had a fever, was lethargic, and he also developed nausea. On the day that his symptoms arrived, he had gotten a temperature reading of 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit shared by CNN.

Since his symptoms were not present early on he continued to live his normal life until then. He had gone to a coffee stand, a restaurant, jogged, took multiple subways and even went to a bowling alley. But, officials reassure that he was not symptomatic until the following Thursday. Since then, the bowling alley had shut down and cleansed for precautionary measures.

Also, when he had taken the three subways, doctors said that since he had not gotten any symptoms until after his days out, that catching the virus has a slim to none chance. But, many people are still worried about whether or not the hospital is well equipped enough to handle an Ebola case.

Now, Spencer is being taken care of at New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center where he is kept isolated from anyone in the hospital. The hospital is also one of the eight that Governor Cuomo set aside as part of his Ebola preparedness plan. “We’re as ready as we could be.” he shared with CNN.

New York officials have said that this case of Ebola is under control.

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