Hannah and Emily Olsen

Julia Aleo, Writer

What’s it like being a twin?

Hannah: It’s awful because you have to share everything, I mean it’s good because she’s okay but yeah.

Emily: *Laughs* On our birthday Hannah will be like “But, it’s my birthday!” and I’ll be like “It’s my birthday too!”


Do you have telepathy?

H: Yes! No, just kidding. But were really alike.

E: No. It’s more like I know her so well that I know in situations how she’s feeling.


Are you guys best friends or enemies?

E: We’re not like bestfriends. We’ll hate each other one minute and then not the next.


Do you guys get along really well?

H: No.

E: Ehhhh, kind of.

H: It depends if we have to *Laughs*


Do you have the same interests?

H: Yeah, we like the same music!


Do you guys share a room?

H: No, but we did when we were little.


Do you share clothes?

H: Sometimes. I ask her all the time but yeah.

E: Let me tell you a story about clothes: She’ll take my clothes without telling me, and then she’ll throw them in my room and its so obvious that she wore them.


What activities do you participate inside of school?

H:  Choir, Drama, Physics Club, Ambassadors, and I don’t remember what else!

E: I’m in Ambassadors Club and Decoradoring Club, that’s all.


What do you do outside of SJV?

H: I play guitar and sing mostly.

E: Ummm I don’t know…

H: She reads a lot!

E: Oh yeah! I read.


What’s your most memorable moment at SJV?

H: *Thinks for a while* Oh! I mean when I got into NHS, that was pretty cool.

E: Oh I remember! Freshman year when we got the yearbooks, and *starts laughing* the picture of Marissa in the tennis section, she’s like mid-hit and he face is like *makes face.* I remember sitting by the floor and we were literally crying of laughter. It was the funniest moment ever.

What’s your favorite class at SJV?

H: UMM I’m thinking! *Thinks* OH! Choir with Mr. Dalton!

E: *Automatically APUSH with Shep.



What do you aspire to be in life? Do you have any dreams?

H: Umm I don’t know what I want to be!

E: I want to be a psychologist, if were like going down that path.


It doesn’t have to be what you want to be, just where do you wanna end up? In 30 years from now do you want be married, or happy, or live in a house with puppies?

H: Oh! Yeah. I definitely want all those things. Do I wanna be married? Um yeah sure, I think so.

E: All of the above!

What is your dream college?

H: *Automatically* Northeastern!

E: I don’t have one. Well, maybe Princeton but I’m not gonna get in so yeah, but Princeton.


Why do you think pizza comes in a square box even though its a circle?

H: Well, I mean there is square pizza. But, I have no reason. I don’t like to judge it, I just like to eat it.

E: OH OH! I know like the real answer to this! Because there is a way to rip the box so it creates little plates, and then… there’s a video on it. You take half the pizza because there’s plates for them, so there’s four pieces and then you can take the top and make a container for the other half of the pizza.



What piece of advice would you give?

H: Always try your best!

E: Remember to eat your vegetables!


If money didn’t matter, what would you do?

H: I would be a musician

E: I would probably be the same thing, because I want to be a psychologist.


Do you ever get compared to the Olsen Twins?

H: *Immediately* Yes

E: A lot of people ask if we know them or if we’re related.

H: Sometimes I say yes, we are!


Do people confuse you two?

H: Sometimes.

E: It’s more with our other sister that they confuse us with.