Julie Mason


Jessica Ventura, Writer/Editor

  1. How and why did you start doing yoga?

I started yoga with my boyfriend one day after a therapy session I had. Therapy wasn’t working well for me and I needed something new, so I tried yoga! After that day, I have been doing yoga ever since because it helped me with my self-growth more than anything.

  1. What got you hooked about it?

The thing that got me hooked on yoga was how much healing and love it brought to my life. Not only did yoga allow me to love myself, but it allowed me to love the others around more deeply than I ever thought I would.

  1. What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga means everything to me! Yoga is not only a practice, but it is a lifestyle. You can bring your practice into your own life, not only on the mat. It allows you to find the peace that everyone strives for.

  1. You recently have enrolled as the youngest teacher trainee at YOUnique Yoga. Tell me about the program.

My teacher training programs is amazing. I recommended to people who don’t even have the intentions of teaching yoga. You can do the teach training just to improve your own practice. Teacher Training will completely change you! You learn so much about others and yourself that I don’t think I would ever discover if it wasn’t for my training every Sunday.

  1. When did you start your teacher training?

I started February 7th  

  1. When do you complete teacher training?

I complete teacher training on June 26th in Asbury Park at House of Independence!

  1. What happens after teaching training?

After teacher training, you can either teach or you could just keep all this knowledge and experience towards yourself and your own practice.

  1. Why did you decide to become a yoga teacher?

I decided to become a yoga teacher because I wanted to spread the love, happiness, and healing of yoga to everyone who can benefit from it.

  1. What do you love most about teaching yoga?

I love spreading the healing loving energy throughout the room. I also love how there is no judgement and no expectations of anyone! Everyone can practice yoga!

  1. What advice would you give to a yogi aspiring to become a teacher?

Always go with your gut! At first, I wasn’t going to do the teacher training, but I am so happy I did because I learned so much about myself and yoga!

  1. Why is yoga so important for everyone to do?

Yoga is so important for everyone because not only are you practicing on your mat, but also off your mat. Practicing off your mat allows you to control yourself in situations where you think you can’t because you come to your breath. It is also important because it allows you to unveil all this love you have for yourself and others that you didn’t think existed.