Rihanna Rage

Emily Mugno, Writer

One of the most recognized female singers, Rihanna, was not to happy, according to CBS, when the TV network pulled her song, “Run this Town” from the NFL pre-game show before the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game. Throughout the weeks, there has been two main cases dealing with domestic violence, including Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. The NFL thought it was inappropriate to play a Rihanna song because she has been a victim of domestic violence.

The network stated they were trying to bring a more serious tone, assuming the timing wasn’t right to play a song that is sung by a domestic violence victim. CBS reported that Rihanna thought the NFL had some “audacity” to pull her song out of the pre-game show and try to put it back in the show for Thursday Night Football. She stated on social media that she felt like the network was sad for “penalizing” her. After Rihanna stated her input, CBS claimed that the song will not be going back into the pre-game show for obvious reasons.

Roc Nation Company, which is owned by Jay-Z, claimed that they have made the decision not to grant usage for the song any longer. This decision has said to be a disadvantage to Rihanna and her music. More than 10 million people watched last Thursday’s telecast.