A Throwback to 90’s Snacks


Paige McCloskey, Writer

The 90’s were ten years where some of the most popular movies, TV shows, clothes, and more were released. It was the years of plaid-wearing fashion being the “it” thing. But who remembers all of the crazy foods that were popular in the 90’s? This was certainly years of experimenting when it came to the food department.

Over the years, Doritos has tried a number of flavors and styles, but they added Doritos 3Ds to their brand in the 90’s. They looked and tasted like a regular Dorito chip, but they were puffed up with air in the middle. They also came in a tube where the lid turned into a bowl.

Dunkaroos were every kids’ favorite snack in the 90’s. Dunkaroos were graham crackers that you can dip in a cup of frosting. Unfortunately, this product did not last long as Betty Crocker discontinued their production in 2012 for being ruled as too unhealthy for growing children.

Before there was Monster or Red Bull, Surge was the soda that all the kids wanted. This soda took the world by storm while parents worried about its health effects, and many schools even banned it. This sugary drink was eventually discontinued.

Squeezeits were fruit juice flavored drinks in plastic bottles that one could squeeze out. No cups, no clean up, no hassle! Sadly, this drink was discontinued in 2001.

Heinz chose to color ketchup in an attempt to market ketchup to kids is considered one of the biggest food flops of all time. Heinz tried to make the ketchup more fun to eat for kids by making it blue, green, and even purple! Parents were not fans of this ill colored ketchup as they did not think it looked appetizing.

This is not the Rice Krispies cereal that is still being sold in stores everywhere. In the ’90s, Kellogg’s released a variation of the popular cereal in which they put the rice krispies together with marshmallow. The end result was a scrumptious cereal that was discontinued after only a few years.

General Mills created a cereal that tasted like French Toast in the 90’s. French Toast Crunch was a huge hit with children everywhere. Though it was discontinued in the early 2000’s, it reintroduced to the cereal aisle a few years ago.

Pepsi experimented in the 90’s with the colors of their drinks. They created a drink named “Blue Pepsi”. The drink was proclaimed to be berry-flavored, but reviews said it tasted like cotton candy. Fans were extremely upset when this soda was discontinued for its overload of sugary content.

Melody Pops were lollipops that were also whistles that were created in the 90’s. They were a big hit, but despite this, they were discontinued.

When Oreo decided to make a cereal in the 90’s, kids everywhere were overwhelmed with joy. When the cereal was discontinued, it became impossible to find it anywhere. Today, it is only available in South Korea.