Happy Day Farm’s Photo Fall

Happy Day Farm's Photo Fall

Brooke Simmons , Writer


“Happy Day Farms” in Manalapan, New Jersey, offers an array of  fall activities that are becoming increasingly more popular, especially amongst teens. It comes as no surprise that the farm is  perfect for an Instagram-worthy picture.

Taking pictures was once reserved for special occasions, since it used to  require great effort. It has now become a ploy to take the best picture to share on social media for all one’s friends to see.

Business Insider claims “Instagramming your night out could make it more enjoyable.” Hence why so many teens feel almost encouraged by the setting of “Happy Day Farms” to share their experience.

Many people are finding themselves using the simplicity of photography on smartphones to their advantage. Instead of solely taking pictures of themselves during momentous occasions, people take out their cameras to capture scenic images, places they are eating, or even to share everyday  activities.

Happy Day Farms hosts  many “Instagram-worthy” fall activities such as pumpkin bowling, rubber duck racing, corn hole, hay mazes and rides, etc.

Happy Day Farms is home to numerous fields available for photo opportunities including sunflowers, raspberries, and blueberries. The uniqueness of these choices has also been pulling in a younger crowd as it differs from the usual pumpkin and apple picking.

Another unique attraction they offer is their Pumpkin House, which is essentially a wooden structure entirely decorated with pumpkins.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 71% of teens say they use more than one social media site. Social media is not only a platform to express oneself, but it is also frequently utilized as a means to keep others updated on what someone is doing/has done.

But how does this explain why the popularity of “Happy Day Farms” amongst a younger crowd? It doubles as an place of activity and entertainment, while serving as a post-worthy landmark.

Erin Kruh, a junior at Saint John Vianney,  has never been there but claims she would be interested because “The scenic views are very pretty, and it is perfect for those fall pictures people want on their Instagrams.”

It seems as though this fall “Happy Day Farms” was the ideal place to be in New Jersey as its corn maze was ranked #7 in the nation by USA Today. Further, Asbury Park Press titled an informative article about the farm, “Happy Day Farm in Manalapan grows sunflowers, berries, and memories.”

After being open for several years, starting out around 2004, it has finally begun to gain popularity, and to the owners’ benefit, amongst the toughest critics, teenagers.