The Season of Giving at SJV

Katarina Villa, Author

The Holiday season, arguably the most joyful time of year, is filled with food, gifts, loved ones, and prayer. These wonderful weeks for most unfortunately inflict copious amounts of poverty, hunger, and pain for financially struggling families in America. Though no one wants to be a Grinch around the Holidays, let us not be blinded by our blessings and overlook those in need. 

Christmas is celebrated as a time of giving, whether exchanging gifts on Christmas morning or donating to your local food pantry, you can be a special part of someone else’s Holiday. Local communities are always looking for more help than you think, especially your school community. 

Saint John Vianney is known for their service traditions, and during advent, the school often advertises multiple food, toy, and clothing drives for local and large charity organizations such as Toys 4 Tots. This drive in specific is collecting unwrapped toys for children ages 1 to 3 (Infants to Toddlers) in the bins in front of the main office. This drive runs today-December 14th, all donations are greatly appreciated. To make it even more appealing 1 hour of community service is awarded per donation item to every student who donates, this greatly benefits the SJV student population in their collection of 30 hours to graduation senior year. 

Giving back to those in need is arguably more rewarding than opening up gifts ever will be. Don’t hesitate to spread the Christmas spirit and love through charity, which continues to make our Saint John Vianney community stronger each year!