All About (AP) Lang

All About (AP) Lang

Kelly Garcia, School News/Art, Music, Books Editor, Writer

Ms. Lang has been an English teacher at Saint John Vianney High School for three years now. When a friend of hers told her that SJV was looking to hire a new English teacher, Lang jumped at the opportunity and applied for the job. Ever since then, she has been happily working for the school and is loving every minute of her job.

Prior to working at Saint John Vianney, Lang worked as an eighth grade English teacher at Long Branch Middle School. She also worked as a pharmacy technician, but her dream was always to become a teacher.

When asked if she has always wanted to be a teacher, Lang replied, “Yes! I like to see people learn and know that I can have an impact on their lives.”

Before officially becoming a teacher, many people in Ms. Lang’s life told her that becoming one was too political of a job. However, she did not listen to these opinions, and happily continued to pursue a career as a teacher.

According to Lang, she has always wanted to teach high school students because she knows high school is a hard time for people, and she wants to be the person who can help someone smile during a bad day. “I like to see people learn and know that I can have an impact on their lives,” Lang stated when discussing her passion for teaching. Lang believes that as a teacher, she can help a high school student more with their problems and properly guide them through that time of their life.

At SJV, Lang has taught Sophomore and Junior Honors English courses, as well as regular English courses, and Advanced Placement (AP) Language. AP Language is her favorite class to teach because “the content is not focused on one area, and it applies to a lot of different things.”

Ms. Lang loves teaching in the SJV Community, and her favorite part of it is the environment she works in. She loves the people she works with, works for, and especially loves what she is doing. Lang said, “though I never could have predicted I would end up here at SJV, I know this place is exactly where I am meant to be.”