Jump Rope for Heart Takes over SJV

Jump Rope for Heart Takes over SJV

Abby Anderko, Writer

               During second and fourth blocks on Friday Feb. 26, SJV students, freshman through senior, gathered in the Vianney Athletic Center (VAC or Bubble) to jump rope. This event was not just to sponsor healthy lifestyles and exercise, but to benefit children and teens who were born with heart disease.

            The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 and dedicates their mission to fight heart disease and strokes. Now, 92 years later, that same organization supports many great causes such as Go Red for Women and Healthy Living. Besides fighting for heart disease, they also fund research, fight for stronger public health policies, and provide critical tools and information to save and improve lives. All in all, this organization helps diagnose, heal, and possibly cure heart disease for  people of all ages.

            Jump Rope for Heart is an event that is sponsored through the American Heart Association. It has been running in schools all over the country for 35 years. This specific event is focused on kids helping other kids fight heart disease.

            How it works is the week before the event students and their families donate money, either online or through the school, to raise money for the cause and to participate in the event. Then the physical education teachers at that school on one day either during class or after school, have those students go outside or to the gym and jump rope. There are multiple options of jump roping to do such as double dutch, single, or a big group jump rope. Jumping rope is not the only option either. There is also long jump, vertical jump and station where you can learn about heart safety and health.

            At SJV this event was headed by physical education teacher, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick. All week she and a student committee planned and operated this event, taking donations at lunch, counting the donations and turning the ropes at the event.

            Fitzpatrick remarked that it was a wonderful turnout, and that it was one of the biggest high school student turn outs the event has seen. “Usually students sit on the bleachers on their phones, but not here. The students are actually all participating and having a great time.” She also said that the donations reached almost $4,000!

            During the event, students were seen laughing, dancing, jumping and having a great time with their peers as they raised money for this great cause. School athletic teams such as basketball and volleyball could be seen representing their teams wearing shirts that represented their sport. All the other students wore red, representing heart disease research and the American Heart Association.

            This being the first year running the event at SJV, Fitzpatrick also remarked that she hoped that it will continue for years to come. It was a great time for students, faculty, and those that will benefit from the funds raised. Hopefully events like this will continue to prosper and raise enough money to find a cure and help all those affected by this disease.