Mrs. Cable: 30 Years in the Making


William DeMuria, Pop Culture Editor, Writer

Many people see Mrs. Cable in the halls, hear her over the loudspeaker, or may even see her observing their class, but many do not know of the multiple positions she has held over the past 30 years at Saint John Vianney High School. From part-time English teacher, all the way to Assistant Principal of Academics, Mrs. Cable has done it all.

Mrs. Cable began her time at SJV in September of 1987, and this year she is celebrating her 30th year as a faculty member at the school. “I’ve stayed that long because I really love this community,” said Cable.

When Mrs. Cable first came to SJV, she was a part-time English teacher. “I was done by 12 noon, picked my daughter up at preschool, and off we went. It worked perfectly,” said Cable.The next year, she began working full-time and became the Journalism moderator. After leaving her duties as the head of the Journalism program, she began to teach a Creative Writing class, as well as many upper level English courses. “I was teaching Honors American Literature and then the English IV for the seniors. I really loved teaching those classes,” Cable explained.

From 1999-2000, Cable was the Dean of Students. “That was an experience!” reflecting on her short time in the Dean’s Office. The next year, up until 2008, Mrs. Cable was the Director of Student Activities, a position which she greatly enjoyed. In 2008, Mrs. Cable was asked to go back into the English Department. “They wanted me to start updating the curriculum and bring in some college programs because we were getting feedback from colleges that they wanted to do Dual Enrollment programs, and I was the only one who had a Masters of Arts in English,” Cable said. Then, in 2014, Mrs. Cable moved into her current position as Assistant Principal of Academics.

Though Mrs. Cable has held many positions and has taught many courses during her time here at SJV, she has said that her favorite class to teach was AP English Language. She discussed how the class “read all kinds of documents, essays, analyzed the rhetorical devices, crafted arguments, and included lot of logic.” Though she explained that the class was not always easy for the students, she enjoyed teaching it and misses being in the classroom each day.

Since Mrs. Cable has been here for 30 years now, it is obvious that she has made many great memories throughout her time here, but she insists that her greatest memory was getting to see her kids attend SJV while she was also working here. “To see their friendships develop, which have lasted for both of them, and to live those high school years vicariously through them and see the lasting effect that this school has has been a wonderful experience,” she stated.

“There’s nothing I wanted to do that I didn’t get a chance to do. I have been very blessed here, so I don’t have any regrets” she said when reflecting on her time as an SJV faculty member.

As you can see, Mrs. Cable’s time at SJV has been nothing less than extraordinary. We thanks Mrs. Cable for her all of her hard work over the years and look forward to her future her at Saint John Vianney High School.