Welcome, Class of 2021!


Kelly Garcia, School News/Art, Music, Books Editor, Writer

The transition from middle school to high school can be very frightening for most. The anxiety of wondering if you will make friends in a new school, if you’ll enjoy your classes, or if your teachers will be nice are typical concerns of incoming freshmen in high school. Freshman Gabby Delahunt said it was very different coming from a tiny middle school to Saint John Vianney High School, but she has already adjusted to the new atmosphere.

Here at Saint John Vianney High School, the freshmen are given two days to learn the ins and outs of the school during Freshman Orientation. During these two days, they learn about the school uniform, how to use their laptops and utilize certain applications, meet their teachers, and morel Those two days of school serve the purpose of allowing the freshmen to adjust to the school without the upperclassmen being present. Freshman Maria Dimian said it was very helpful having those two days of school to figure out where her classes are and become familiar with the building.

Despite the nervousness that comes with the first day of school for the freshmen, many have expressed their excitement for the new school year. Justin Coto stated, “I am most excited to go to the football games and be a part of the SJV atmosphere.” Through the multiple clubs and the student-favorite home football games, being an active member of the school community is not a difficult task.

Louis Copo, a player on the freshman football team, said that the main reason why he played football was to be involved in the school community. Copo also shared that during the summer, he made many friends before the school year started because of the football team.

Overall, this will be a very exciting school year for all, including the freshmen, who seem eager to be involved. Welcome Class of 2021 to SJV!