LSU Tiger Girls Send a Powerful Message


Ava Cammayo, writer

Louisiana State University’s dance team has been trending on TikTok and social media for their viral routine, “Like a Boy.” Not only was the routine flawless and jaw-dropping, but it also served a powerful message, ultimately leading the team to their win. 

Every year Division 1 and Division 1A college dance teams compete at the Universal Dance Association national competition. This year the Tiger Girls from Louisiana State University made a huge comeback with their first-place winning hip-hop routine.

 Due to last year’s Covid outbreak, LSU restricted the Tiger Girls from competing at UDA, their first year missing nationals in 22 years. These restrictions made them especially upset because all of the boy’s athletic departments were allowed to continue with their sports, but the girls were not. The only performances that the Tiger Girls were allowed to do was perform for the boy’s teams at games and events, and they were highly encouraged to do so. 

Caliea Koehler, a dancer at LSU says, “It was honestly heartbreaking. We have been training since we were 2 to 3 years old, to finally get to a collegiate level and compete against the best of the best.”

The rules were not equal amongst the entire Athletic Department and that was something that did not seem to sit right with them. 

Compared to every other sports team worldwide, college dance teams don’t have a “season.” They train and put in intense work and an extensive amount of hours practicing, just to go to one competition each year. But unfortunately, this is still not enough to be taken as seriously as other athletics. 

Coming into the new school year, things began to open up, and rules were getting less restrictive. The team was now allowed to compete at this year’s UDA and chose to perform a hip-hop routine to the song “Like a Boy” by Ciara. The dance wasn’t just performed for the team, but was for all female athletes who ever experienced neglect just because they are a women’s team. 

The routine was choreographed by Carson Rowe and Sammy McFadden, who created a masterpiece to give more recognition to dance as a collegiate sport. The routine was cleaned to perfection and brought focus to women’s empowerment to prove that college dance teams shouldn’t be as underappreciated as they are.

Since the debut of their national winning routine, the LSU Tiger Girls have gained an amazing amount of love and support from millions of people through social media and all over the world. Their iconic “Like a Boy” routine was eye-opening and definitely one to remember.