The ‘Apple’ Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Samsung Tree


Brendan Squitieri, Writer

With Apple’s iPhone sales skyrocketing, Samsung fires back with comments in commercials saying “we did it first!” Samsung cannot help but envy the fact that Apple products continue to outsell theirs.

Ever since the first iPhone release in 2007, Apple and Samsung have been fighting to be the top phone on the market, but Apple seems to always be on top.

Apple’s iPhone has changed a lot over the years, from 4 inch screens, to a ground-breaking 5.5 inches. But is this really ground-breaking?

Samsung has been releasing 5 inch phones since 2012, so yes they did it first. But, in 2012, the critics attacked the Samsung Galaxy for having a larger screen, claiming “who would need a 5 inch screen?” Now, Samsung takes full credit for the iPhone’s mass success.

In recent commercials, Samsung’s Galaxy directly compares itself to the iPhone 6, pointing out the things that the iPhone does not have. The commercial makes it very clear that Samsung did the 5 inch screen first.

There are at least five different Samsung commercials attacking the iPhone and Samsung is angry that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are having more success for larger screens and now they are trying to do everything they can to boost their sales.

One thing is for certain, iPhone 6 Plus isn’t the first phone to be more than 5 inches. Samsung has been releasing 5 inch phones since 2012, and now they are fighting for the credit and success that Apple is receiving.