iOS 9 Review


Brendan Squitieri, Writer/Editor

iOS 9 was released on Sept. 16 and it brings the old operating system to a new level with intuitive designs that creates a better experience with your device.

With new layout features, iOS 9 is undoubtedly better than the previous iOS. Major new features include a new keyboard, a more innovative Siri, and a new layout for the notification center.

The new keyboard now displays lowercase letters opposed to only demonstrating uppercase letters with the old iOS. When typing, you can use the uppercase letters by clicking the upward arrow on the left side.

One of the biggest advancements in the new operating system is Siri. Siri is more cutting-edge than ever. By swiping all the way to the left on your device, Siri Suggestions will appear with contact, app, nearby and news suggestions. This will display the last four contacts you have texted or called and the last four apps you have used. It will also give you suggestions on where to eat, shop or even get gas on the nearby display. It will also show breaking news.

The last major advancement is in the notification center. Instead of showing your notifications by the app, iOS 9 now displays the notifications by time. This way, it is more orderly and organized.

In all, iOS 9 is an avant-garde and dynamic system that gives you a better experience with your device and overall, is better than iOS 8 and definitely worth the download.