A New Season of the Walking Dead is Coming Soon!


Bridget Kane, Writer

“We’ll survive, I’ll show you how.”- Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead.

Attention all apocalypse survivors! AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD is returning in only a few weeks. The most watched show on television is coming back on October 23, to much to the public’s delight.

If you are an avid watcher, you may know that part of the group has left “Alexandria” to go find more civilization and make a deal with an evil survivalist group run by the ruthless Negan. However, the group consisting of most of the main characters, including Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Daryl, Sasha, Mishone, and Aaron, gets itself into trouble when they constantly run into Negan’s group, and by the end of the episode, get captured.

Negan introduces himself and kills someone from the group, but the camera does not show their face, only Negan smiling. Now the real question remains: Who was killed?

“I have three choices on who got killed: Abraham, because he seems to have come to terms with the apocalypse which would be a place where someone will die. Eugene: similar reasons because he knows he will die because of his character transformation. Glenn: partly because of the comic books and he has escaped death multiple times already.” shared Saint John Vianney High School English teacher, Ms. Lang, an avid fan.

Spoiler Alert! If you are a fan of the show and have not yet read the comics or do not plan to, Glenn sadly dies when Negan strikes him over the head with his barbed wire covered baseball which he named Lucille.

Speaking of Glenn, when will we know what’s going on with his wife, Maggie? Is she having a miscarriage? It is speculated that if they do decide to kill off Glenn, it will be the breaking point for Maggie. She will become the ultimate super-mom for her unborn child and will do everything to protect the group.

Also, why is Carol losing her sanity? Or has she already lost it? It’s rather strange that this late in the apocalypse she decided to lose it. Why not after she lost her daughter, Sofia? Or when her husband beat her? Is it because of Sammy?

Unfortunately, all we have right now are theories with little evidence, so we have to wait for season 7 to begin on October 23. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse, more importantly, season 7?

The ultimate zombie survival show started out as a comic book series written by three zombie loving friends, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlar in 2003. From then, the series kept extending and aired on television in October 2010. The series has been running for six years now, which adds up to a total of 83 episodes.

The comic series/television series is based on a police officer named Rick Grimes who was shot while on duty and has fallen in a coma. He wakes up in an apocalyptic world with no idea where his family is or why the dead is suddenly walking among humans. Grimes meets with other survivors and learns that the dead or “walkers” are walking among the human world because of a mysterious disease, but no one knows how it started or why. The show is based around the survival of Rick’s “group” which includes his family and other survivors they find along the way. Their goal is to find a way to travel from their current location of Georgia to Washington D.C to the Central for Disease Control (CDC) to find a cure for this frightening and deadly epidemic.

Stay tuned for the season premiere of The Walking Dead on October 27 on AMC!