Halloween Strikes with Happy Death Day


Kristen Hunt, Writer

Mystery, drama, gore, and suspense…what more would you expect of the newest film that critics are raving about? If you are a typical sucker for a good thriller, Happy Death Day is sure to knock your socks off.

The horror/drama takes viewers on a trip much like that of the main character’s. The heroine of this story goes through hell dealing with literal déjà vu, which is reminiscent of the 1993 film Groundhog Day.

The story starts off with a college student and sorority sister, Tree Gellman, played by Jessica Rothe, waking up on the morning of her birthday. Tree continues her normal daily routine until a masked killer approaches her on the way to a party and stabs her to death. Tree quickly wakes up, sweating and unharmed, in the same place she had been the prior morning as if nothing had happened.

After days and days of Tree dying in different ways by the same killer, Tree finally realizes that she is doomed to repeat the events of her murder until she discovers the identity of her killer.

The constant question throughout the movie is if Tree will ever wake up to see another day. While the plot of the movie is clearly continuous, the story is still told in a way that keeps viewers interested and on the edge of their seat. One of the ways this thriller remains so interesting throughout the duration of the film is the different ways the lead dies each day. Additionally, Tree is introduced with a new attitude each time she wakes up–the more she experiences death, the more comfortable she gets awaiting it. This creates an undeniably strong sense of courage for the young lead, which will later help her find her killer.

Happy Death Day has already brought a good chunk of money to the box office in its first few days of release. Currently, Happy Death Day has grossed $31,208,350 worldwide in its opening weekend, and has received a surprising amount of praise. Rotten Tomatoes has called it a “darkly humorous sci-fi spin on slasher conventions, with added edge courtesy of a stammering performance from Jessica Rothe.” The spine-tingling film has also received a 68 percent rating on the critics’ website.

From its fairly good reviews to high gross, Happy Death Day seems to be this week’s-and possibly this month’s- must-watch Halloween movie. The new and eerie thriller is in theaters worldwide today!