The Secrets Behind Hallmark Movies


Elizabeth DeLeo, Writer

           With Christmas just a less than a month away, the countdown has officially begun. The Hallmark Channel began premiering Christmas movies on Oct. 27 to count down the days left until the holiday arrives. The Hallmark Channel’s countdown exclusively broadcasts their original movies only, and viewers can detect how similar these movies’ plotlines are quite simply.    

      Each movie shares similar themes and qualities that viewers are able to catch onto very quickly. These movies normally follow most of the same guidelines. For example, they typically include a ‘90s actress, such as Lacey Chabert from Party of Five, or even Candace Cameron Bure from Full House.  

           Additionally, Hallmark movies normally incorporate someone from an eccentric city having to come back home around Christmas time because their family’s business is failing. This results in the main character meeting their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from when they were young and their love igniting again, of course. At the end of the movie, the main character has to face the tough decision of whether to stay with their family business at home, which is miraculously not failing any more, or return to their life in the city. Spoiler alert: They always choose to stay with their family.

           More of the shared qualities include a dead spouse, most often a single mother, who ends up falling for either her old boyfriend or a new man. Another feature that some of these movies share is a supernatural element, such as someone being a Christmas elf or angel, who grants a wish to the main character so that they can live another life that they desire. In the end, all happiness is restored to the person and they are thankful for the elf/angel, and ultimately regret the wish.

Another quality that is common in these movies is that the main characters fake an engagement in order to avoid questioning from their families throughout the holidays. Another spoiler alert: The fake engaged couple ends up actually falling in love and getting married in the end.

           Hallmark movies are the best types of movies to watch when you want to be put in the holiday spirit. Since all of these movies share the same qualities, it’s no secret why they are so addicting. Viewers fall in love with one movie, and little do they know the following movie has that same theme as well. Hallmark movies are always entertaining, and lessons can be learned from them, too. So, the next time a Hallmark movie is on, tune in and experience the magic of Christmas!