“Mother Nature” Hits the Big Screen


Alyssa Martin, Writer

Paramount’s latest movie, “Mother!,” portrays a couple’s relationship that is tested by unwelcomed  guests who slowly invade their tranquil home. The horror film does not only scare the audience through creepy noises, blood, and character surprises, but through its message as well.

Darren Aronofsky, the director of “Mother!,” stated, “I wanted to make a film about mother nature. It is from her perspective.” Some scenes in the movie display current world problems, such as violent protests and political issues. For example, at one point in the film, there are protestors who are throwing things, including sticks on fire, towards the police, representing the outrage towards police in our modern time.

The central message of this film is to convey how much people take from Mother Nature and abuse her, yet give nothing back. All of the unwelcomed guests in the home represent humankind, and how much humans take from it.  For example, the people kept taking things from her home leaving her angry, resulting in her screaming.

Jennifer Lawrence’s character, who is nameless but has been referred to as “Mother,” senses a heartbeat whenever she touches the walls within the home she created, but sometimes the visions of the heart are of it darkening, or dying. This heartbeat is symbolic to Mother Nature and her sense of physical destruction.

The ending of the movie was not a happy ending, concluding with the house bursting up into flames. After the people invading the home begin taking the couple’s objects, including Veronica’s newborn child, she sets a fire to the house, resulting in it blowing up. The demise of the house represents humankind and Mother Nature’s need to destroy the Earth in order to start over.

“Mother!” not only scared the audience forcing adrenaline to course through one’s body but opened the minds of its audience into thinking “What can I do to save our planet?”