A New Tradition Begins with SJV’s Homecoming Dance


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Alyssa Hickman, Writer

On Thursday, Oct.  5, Saint John Vianney High School hosted their annual homecoming dance from 7-10 pm. Unlike previous years in which it was held in the school cafeteria, this year it took place this year at The Reception Center at St. Clements in Matawan. The dance was open to grades 9-12, and was reserved for only 250 people, so students acted fast to make sure they could be there. Each student paid $40 for admission, which included a DJ and a buffet dinner.

Due to the location change of the dance this year, many were left wondering the reason behind the change. After speaking to Mrs. Langdon, the Student Activities Director at SJV, it was determined that it was changed in order to be more popular for students of all grades. Langdon said that “Over the years, it has typically been a turnout of around 30 students and no one was really excited about it.” Since there was no dance last year based solely on the fact that not many students were interested in attending, Langdon wanted to work to make a different plan for this year. After talking to various students, she decided the best idea would be to have it off campus. As a result of making the decision, she said, “The feedback has been amazing, and I am happy to announce that we have over 195 students going. The best part is, there’s an equal amount of students going from all grades.”

As the dance approached, various students were asked what they were most excited for about this year’s homecoming dance? Senior Stephanie Fragoulias said, “I am most excited to hang out with my friends and dance!”

Juniors Kaleigh Thomas and Amanda Kielty discussed their thoughts on the upcoming event, saying, “We are most excited to hang out with my friends and make even more memories at a new location outside of a school atmosphere!”

At the highly anticipated dance, there was a buffet table for all student to enjoy. Additionally, an excellent DJ was hired to entertain the room with great music. Even teachers were able to get in on the fun! The night closed with the crowing of the junior and senior homecoming court. It was evident to all who attended that the night was a pleasant departure from homecoming dances in past years.

`    After the homecoming dance, the reactions were great and it seemed like the new thought out dance was a success.

Senior William DeMuria said, “It was lit. I feel bad for everyone who didn’t go.” Additionally, Senior Tiffany Ferrer said” It was an amazing night for all grades and teachers to enjoy!”

Freshmen even enjoyed the night as well, with Gabrielle Delahunt saying, “It was a very fun experience. We got to hang out with our friends and just let loose. Overall, my friends and I had a lot of fun.”

Overall, after hard work and determination, it seems as if Mrs Langdon was able to make the homecoming dance a success and received great feedback from various students.