SJV’s Spooky Walk-a-Thon 2017


Alyssa Martin, Writer

Every year, Saint John Vianney High School hosts its annual Walk-a-Thon fundraiser. This year, the Walk-a-Thon will take place on October 31 for the first time, as opposed to May.

“The idea of the SJVHS Walk-a-Thon is to build community while helping to raise funds to offset the cost of tuition and enrichment programs at SJVHS,” said Julia Pasquale, an Advancement Officer at SJV who coordinates the walk each year. For the fundraiser, it is each student’s job to go out and raise money, which is donated to the school. In the past, the money has been applied to improvements around the school, such as the new LED lighting, renovations to the theater- making it a state of the art facility, wireless speakers in the classrooms, and the resurfacing of our track and the tennis courts at Saint Clements that our teams utilize. The money has also been used for custom carpets that welcome people to our school, new banners on the light poles around the front of the building, and towards maintenance for the parking lot. Overall, the fundraising helps to maintain the campus and to also offset the cost of tuition.

The minimum pledge to participate in the event is 25 dollars, and there are additional prizes for those who raise certain amounts of money. For example, Seniors who collect $50 will be able to leave at 12 p.m. on the day of the Walk-a-Thon, and will not have to come to school on the day of prom, May 11.

Also, those who raise 75 dollars will receive four gold and white points. Finally, those who donate 100 dollars will earn six gold and white points and one dress down pass. In addition to these, there will also be other prizes, such as gift cards, that are given to those who raise over $1,000.

There are many perks that come with donating to the Walk-a-Thon, such as the fact that those who participate will have a free dress down. The event falls on the day of the annual senior Halloween dress down parade. Therefore, those who attend will be able to see the creative costumes that the Class of 2018 arrives in.

The Walk-a-Thon will also have music from Radio 92.3, Zumba, inflatable courses, races and contests, apple cider, and apple cider donuts. To hand in your pledges, you can either print the pledge form, go online, or use the mobile app. Pasquale says “Almost every year, we get 75% participation, and we are hoping for 100% this year! A lot of effort and thought is put into making this a fun day, so we hope the students come out and enjoy!”

Get your pledges in!