Anticipation for Prom Season


Audrey Bruden, Writer

Prom season has arrived! This beloved high school tradition has been a highlight for upperclassmen for years. 

The pandemic had stolen a lot from our world, and high school events were no exception. In 2020, SJV and almost every high school had to cancel the tradition due to safety concerns. A year later, prom resumed but was held outside and still had restrictions. Finally, with the pandemic waning, Saint John Vianney is pleased to announce that both junior and senior proms can return to their normality. 

Junior prom is being held on this Wednesday, April 27th at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune. Juniors are to be dismissed after second block at 10:50.

Senior prom is being held on Friday, May 20 at Jacques in Middletown. SJV’s own history teacher, Mr. Longo, is going to be DJing both proms. 

Students can hardly wait for this fun-filled night. Kristen Belen, SJV junior, says, “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits, spending time with my friends, and taking pictures!” 

Both proms will run from 7 pm to 11 pm, but students are allowed to leave at 10 pm if they wish. Students are still expected to attend school the day after.