“A Lovely Night” in SJV’s Little Theatre!


Adriana Ayvaz, Writer

Recall the first time you watched a Disney princess movie. Whether you fantasized about living in the castles, dreamed of wearing elegant dresses, or looked to the heroic princes, the common factor behind it all is that the experience was magical. Despite being older now, there’s something special, and invitingly nostalgic, about rewatching our favorite storybook movies. However, “special” and “magical” also lie outside of a movie screen. These are two simple words to describe the production of “Cinderella,” taking place no further than SJV’s Little Theatre.
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella became the only musical written for television, having starred Julie Andrews in 1957. Because of its renowned success with over 100 million viewers, stage adaptations began a year later. Though the music and plot initially stayed true to their origin, Walt Disney Productions released a remake in 1997. This remake, starring Brandy, Whitney Houston, Bernadette Peters, Whoopi Goldberg, and other famous names of the time, would still be called “Cinderella,” but it allowed for other companies to produce this version of the story and plot, subtitling it as the “Enchanted Edition.”
One would not notice any differences between this version of “Cinderella” and that of the Broadway version or their childhood movie; the differences lie only if you’re looking for them. The story follows Cinderella and the Prince, circling their love against the stepfamily’s angst and the prince’s trouble finding “the maiden who fits the glass slipper.” What makes the Enchanted Edition compelling is the addition of new songs and characters. Enjoy the music of “The Sweetest Sounds,” “The Prince is Giving a Ball,” and “Driving Through the Moonlight,” combined with familiar such as “Impossible,” and “There’s Music in You.” The extended scenes make for much-needed comedic relief from the new character “Lionel” and development between Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother. Though this adaption only has two acts as opposed to three, the magic remains present and nothing feels forgotten.
Saint John Vianney opens “Cinderella,” The Enchanted Edition, on March 30th at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now at sjvhs.booktix.com for March 30th, March 31st, and April 1st.

Cinderella Cast List

Cinderella – Samantha Yannarelli

Prince – Daniel King

Fairy Godmother – Mia Rodriguez

Stepmother – Adriana Ayvaz 

Lionel – Jack Widman 

Queen – Sophia Cammarano

King – Emmett Smithouser

Grace – Jacqueline Farkas

Joy – Hailey Oswick

Featured Dancers – Gracie Bush, Cecelia Kimock, Meghan Golding, Joelle Giuseffi, Kaileigh Walz, Audrey Franco, Helen Domashinski, Fiona Drew

Ensemble – Hailey Bowden, Ava Burke, Simon Roche, Andrew Poggi, Dominic Lambusta, Ein Golding, Emily Golding, Rachel O’Neill, Timothy O’Dowd


Production Crew 

Director – Mrs. Schmidt  

Set Design – Mrs. Agnello 

Costumes – Mrs. Figur 

Lighting Design – Mr. Scoles

Set Construction – Mr. Fano 

Acting Coach – Mr. Fran 

Social Media – Will DeMuria 

Stage Manager – Erin Ventrudo 

Assistant Stage Manager – Cara Ventrudo