The Rams’ Road To Success


Michael Donohue, Writer

This year, the Los Angeles Rams decided it was finally time to go all-in on winning a championship, and now there is no doubt that this was their only goal. With an all-time great defensive player in Aaron Donald, who has already been a top-tier player for VIII seasons; a breakout receiver in Cooper Kupp, who won offensive player of the year; picking up star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. another great defensive player in Von Miller; and a solid veteran quarterback in Matthew Stafford.  Their journey to winning the Superbowl has not been easy.  The team had a regular-season record that was worse than expected, due to the injuries of Odell Beckham and Matthew Stafford.

For those who weren’t watching, the Rams won a close game against the underdog, the Cincinnati Bengals, who weren’t expected to even be in the Super Bowl considering their offensive line and rookie players. But it seemed that no one could stop the star duo in Odell Beckham and Coop Kupp as they combined for three touchdowns, even with Odell going down with what is speculated to be a torn ACL. You also can’t forget about the man this team was built around: Aaron Donald, who in clutch time got the game-winning sack to make the Rams Super Bowl champions.

Each player’s unique story has contributed to the Rams’ overall success this year. In his sophomore year of high school, Cooper Kupp was a below-average unranked receiver with zero touchdowns. Today, he is a Superbowl MVP, Offensive Player of the year, and the most valuable receiver in the NFL. Kupp is an inspiration to all sophomore receivers who may have had a lackluster year playing for their high school team.

He wasn’t always this highly rated in the NFL either; only being drafted 66th overall in the third round by the Rams. Cooper Kupp had to work his way up through the ranks and earn his spot. Matthew Stafford was additionally a big help this season taking his and the team’s games to the next level as a very experienced leader and quarterback. It seemed like having limited chemistry between the two players didn’t seem to matter as Matthew Stafford put all his trust that Cooper Kupp was going to get to the ball no matter what. When asked about his connection with Stafford, Kupp says “ We spend an egregious amount of time together just talking football.” It certainly paid off as the Rams are now the world champions for the first time since 1999.