Halloween’s Real Scare: Leftovers

Alyssa Bowne, Writer

With Halloween over, most people are have had enough of eating their leftovers of the same old candy. However, there are many ways to transform your extra Halloween treats into something you can enjoy for the rest of Fall!

Do you have any leftover Hershey’s Chocolate Bars from the trick-or-treaters that did not knock on your door? Well, if you are anxious to get rid of it, you can simply warm some milk and add the chocolate to make homemade hot chocolate on those chilly November days.

You can even get crafty with these extra treats. Consider making your very own Advent calendar. To use up your candy, put fun-sized chocolate (or whatever you have left!) behind each number so that you can have a treat every day of Advent! It is a fun way to countdown to Christmas for both children and adults.

Before you throw away the pumpkins that you put on your front steps for decoration, think of all the recipes you can make! No, it does not have to be pumpkin-spice lattes or pumpkin pie…Make pumpkin muffins for a flavorful breakfast!

Also, the pumpkin seeds may seem useless, but roast them for a midday snack. As for dinner, have a hearty bowl of pumpkin soup. It can be made in the slow cooker while you’re at work and it will be ready once you arrive home.

Don’t fear the mile-high pile of Halloween candy or the perfectly good pumpkins that you still have– there are endless ways to enjoy them! Consider some of these fun and delicious options to finish off those Halloween treats!