Goodbye to the Seniors

Jackson Brooks, Writer

As we approach the end of the school year, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to our seniors. Everyone always looks forward to graduating high school and finally moving onto the real world, but as time starts moving closer it’s truly a sad time. I want to speak on behalf of all the underclassman and Mrs Seaman as we will all miss having you guys in class. I always look forward to walking into class everyday and getting to have more fun with you guys. So for Jaden, Mallory, Maggie, Luke, Timmy, Andrew, K aitlyn, Adrianna, Abby, Molly, Amelia, Victoria, Carly, Reagan, Briella, Emily, and Aiden, I would like to thank you for sharing this class with us, and congratulate you on graduating by sharing some memories I have with some of you throughout this semester.

I will never forget some of the amazing times and memories I made with some seniors in this class. Like when Kaitlyn finally said that she loved me after about a month of me saying it to her. Or when we were playing silent ball and Andrew “The Big Bird” Irrizarry chucked the ball into Victoria’s face. Speaking of The Big Bird, his nelk barrel and amazing Teams meetings will never be forgotten. Although I had no clue who you two were in the beginning of the class, Mallory Boeddinghaus and Maggie Hanlon have made some great memories in the back of the room with me and Jake since coming back there. 

Jaden Highsmith has been an amazing presence in this class. Although he was silent with us in the start, moving back to our corner and messing around really livined up the class. Without Jaden this class would be dead and I will miss seeing you come running around the corner and getting to block you from getting into the class for being late or having you get me blocked on MLB for two years by making me use illegal websites from Hong Kong.

Unfortunately I will still have to see them everyday, but not having Aiden Cody and Luke Centanni in the class will be no fun. I will never forget the time I gave D1 pitcher Aiden Cody a virus on his computer or when Luke Centanni told a nurse to “get the hell out of here”. 

As for Adrianna, Carly, Reagan, Emily, Molly, Timmy, Briella, Abby, Victoria and Amelia, we never really interacted much in this class, but your presence will always be remembered. Me, Kevin, Jake, CJ, Luke, Mertz, Ashley, and Riley have experienced what class is like without you seniors, it’s pretty quiet and not nearly as much fun. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Andrew working as a Janitor at SJV in a couple years, I will miss having the Seniors in class and if this is the last time I ever see them, goodbye and good luck on your adventures.