The History of Turkey Day

Hailey Bowden, Writer

The History of Turkey Day

Family Arguments, Burnt Turkeys, and Football; the time loved tradition known as Thanksgiving is a time cherished holiday loved by most americans. But where, where did this time loved tradition come from?

On November 26 1789, President George Washington, issued a proclamation for “A day of public prayer and thanksgiving”. This essentially started thanksgiving as we know it; And this day of prayer and thanksgiving became a sort of annual event. 

By 1863, President Lincoln was encouraging Americans to celebrate thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. It had become  commonly celebrated and, by 1870,Congress had even declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. 

Thanksgiving was kept at the last thursday of november until FDR moved it to the third thursday of november. This was in an attempt to help businesses still struggling from the Great Depression, although it had an inverse effect on many Americans. The nation had been accustomed to celebrating later in the month.

The switch of days was even discussed on the house and congress floors. Representatives said that we should return to the old custom to honor history.  a bill was passed stating that Thanksgiving will be celebrated on the last Thursday of November.This leads us to the modern day known as Thanksgiving.

This year, 2022, Thanksgiving falls on November 24. At SJV our Thanksgiving break will start on Wednesday November 23. The day before (Tuesday the 22) will be the annual powder puff game. When school resumes on Monday, the 28, we will be switching to the winter uniform. A time that many of the students at SJV dread with a dear passion.