The Golden Arches Argument

Jack Farah, Author

  Recently in my journalism, a debate ignited regarding the best fast food places to eat at. From  signature sandwiches, to the best sauce to use with nuggets, my teacher and peers were bantering back and forth over which location is better. It started with a foolish question whether McDonald’s was better than Burger King, and the obvious answer is yes it is. From there, the discussion imploded with constant arguing about how it was better, why it was better, and what made it better. For most people McDonald’s or Chick Fil A is the go to spot. But for this conversation, we touched on the big three: McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s. 

The first sub topic in which restaurant was better, they started with the signature item, which was the Big Mac, Whopper, or the regular and spicy nuggets. The clear cut answer was the Big Mac, because of its special sauce, but the whopper not far behind. Then the fries were tricky, because McDonald’s and Wendy’s taste similar, and well,  then you have the Burger King fries which come deadlast. And then came the sauces, decided between sweet and sour from McDonalds, BBQ from Wendys, and Zesty from Burger King. All of these items are personal choice, but to decide whether a fast food restaurant was better based on sauces, didn’t seem right. 

Although the conversation escalated fast, it ended rather quickly, and the outcome had very little effect. As the writer I feel I should include my own opinion. I think the top choice all around is McDonalds. Its ability to serve good fries, nuggets, sandwiches, and sauces makes it a top choice, though the ice cream machine is always breaking making it have a con. The best fries are from McDonalds as they’re hot and salty, but the crispy tender nuggets from Wendy’s top the other two restaurants. Although I don’t love the burgers from these places, my top choice would be McDonald’s. And finally the best deal is the $5 Biggie Bag, coming with a choice of three different sandwiches, fries, nuggets, and a drink. All for just five bucks.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. In the end, it’s just fast food. But it seems that every so often people argue and rant about the little things, like which food is better or sports team, but never ultimately come to an agreement. We must be honest with ourselves and to others in order to have a persuasive conversation about anything,  but first you must listen to others. You must not diminish every comment the other person has because of  your own stubbornness. And in the end, its just a silly argument about unhealthy fake food.