Top 10 Things You Can Do During Fall


Helena Spagnoli, Writer

  1. Bake cookies – What’s better than the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, or the taste of those little sugar cookies with the cats on them? If you want to bake cookies with special people or by yourself it can be such a sweet experience. It’s the time to experiment with different fall flavors, and taste them, of course! There are a bunch of different delights out there that you probably have never tried. Now’s your chance!
  2. Go apple/pumpkin picking – Having a bowl of freshly picked apples from an orchard signifies the essence of fall. The thought of making apple pies to bring everywhere because you bought too many apples can make amazing fall memories. Trying to find that perfect pumpkin for carving, and hunting all over the orchard with your favorite people is a wonderful memory to have, or make this fall. 
  3. Try Thrifting – Fall thrifting is one of the most aesthetic things you can experience this fall. Trying on clothes, experimenting with different outfits, and maybe even finding pieces for your Halloween costume! Extra points if you end up thrifting a soft and worn flannel!
  4. Fall drinks – The taste that brings you back to those good memories. For some people, it’s apple cider, a pumpkin spice latte, or maybe even hot cocoa. That first sip of your warm drink is, for most, the entrance to fall. If you don’t have your staple fall drink yet, then you need to find it. You could even spend the day shopping at different stores to find your perfect sip.
  5. Bike rides – The sound of leaves crunching underneath your tires with the breeze that’s just right. Bike rides are the perfect thing to do when you are bored in fall. There are no time limits, no rules with bike rides, you just ride. Remember to bundle up, because it gets breezy!
  6. Fall Decorating – Finding that box in the back of a closet filled with everything that’s orange and pumpkin-shaped. How about those fake leaves that will forever haunt everything near them? Untangling and unboxing everything that has been waiting for you for the past 365 days. Spending the first weekend of fall with good weather with your family, or those closest to you, decorating your whole house. It’s all so perfect. 
  7. Fall candles – The smell that pulls you back into the fall spirit. The hunt for your perfect fall candle this year. Going shopping for candles with your friends, laughing at how bad some of them smell, it’s an experience you will remember forever. 
  8. Have a Friendsgiving – Seeing all your friends during such a special time of the year, being able to celebrate such a special holiday together. Everyone can bring their favorite fall dish! Maybe you will even discover your new favorite fall dish, and it’s all with your favorite people. It’s something you can look forward to every fall.
  9. Go to fright fest – Something that is very special to us New Jerseyians, Fright Fest; The time of the year when Six Flags gets haunted by the spookiest of scariest creatures. That anticipation of walking around waiting to be scared by the characters, scaring your friends because everyone is so jumpy with nerves, with the rides to follow! It’s the perfect thing to do around Halloween!
  10. Watch scary movies – Getting comfy and cozy on your favorite couch, and watching the classics. If you are feeling extra brave you can wait until you are home alone to have a scary movie marathon. It’s the only time of the year when it feels right.